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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 3, 2014 9:00am-9:11am JST

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hello y'reatching ewsline". i'm iko kitagawa in toky >> the prime ministe of israel suggests his military will continue their frangs gaz strip possibly on a small scale even after dtroying crossorder tunnels made by hamas. benjamin netanyahu told reporterssraeli soldier have attacked thousands of trorist controlled sites a are close to destroying all of the tunnels. hamas militants started t network of underground
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passageways toaunch sect densives in isra. netaahu stressed israeli troops will stay on even after neutrazing the tunnels. he said ty will continue to meet israelis secury need earlier israeli fces called on sidents to retn to their homes. some troops have begun withdrawin health officials say in gaz the death toll from the offensive have ris to 1680. >> japan's pri minister shinzo abe is in brazil, e last leg his five-nation touin latin erica. earlier he went toexico, trinidadtobago, colombia and chile. abe said japan ikeen to forge closer econoc ties with latin american couries. abe saidhose countries value democracand basic human rights just like japa hitrip is the start of a new dawn in lations. >> transtor: i am sure promotg trade and investme between japan and latin amican
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untries will benefitoth sides. i'd like to create a hug economic zone the pacific region. japan has reed with mexico and chile to closely cperate for an earlyonclusion of the anspacific partnership fre trade agement. we alsplan to expedite negotiations on concding the bilateral economic ptnership agreent with colom >> the prime mister also said japan ll work hard to play a morective role globally sed what he calls a proactive contribuon to peace. abe said he plained a recent shift in japan's defse policy. the govement reinterpreted the constitution to allow jan to exercise the rig to collective self-defense. abe sa the leaders of all ve latin erican countries he visited offed their support. abe's tour is seen as anttempt by japan tcompete with china
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around the wor. abe said he'always ready to talk with leaderin beijing. >> translato i'm hoping the leaders of japan andhina can meet at the apex summiin noveer in beijing. my dr for dialogue is alys openand i'd like to see the chese side take the sa stance. >> a will have a lot on s plate en he's back in japan. he plans to shuffle his cabinet and thleadership of his liral democratic partyn the first weekf september. earlier, maso nakajima joined us in the stud and gave us an insight into primeinister e's visit. >> masayo, it's rare f a japanese prime minister visit latin americanountries, how do you view his lest visit? >> this ishe first time a
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japanese prime minter has sited the area in ten year the goal of his ur is to give japan's economy a boos he's hoping to promote joi government privateector efforts toecure resources and to export inastructure projectso the region that's undergoing rapidconomic growth milar to africa. the prime minister h received a warm wcome during his visi in the countri that have traditiolly been friendly with japan. e's story is seen asn opportunity to strenhen ties with those couries, but you know, just befe abe arrived in the region, chinese prident xi jinping visited bril and other lan american countries chinhas strong influencen the reon. brazil and china a both memberof the five emerging countries own as brics. brazil appears to ha put an emphasisn its relations with ina as well.
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the prime minister tour has also highlight the fact that japan faces a chlenge in improving its ties with ina. >> pme minister abe will returnome on monday. what domesc challenges await him? >> bk in japan, abe intes to reshfle his cabinet and leadership of his rung liberal democric party in the firs week oseptember. d he'll face an extrrdinary session the diet with a new lineup and aimto enact bills needed to help spreathe benefits of the onomic revery to japan's ruraareas. but before tt, abe will take his mmer vacation where he'll no dou spend time construcng the next cinet and party lineup. >> needlesto say, he has a lot on his plate. masayo nakaja, thank you very much for your insit. problems witthe surrogate
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process have beehighlighted after an australian coup jected a baby with down syndrome. news outle in australia report that a1-year-old thai surrogate mother gavbirth to twins in decber last year upon request by the coue. paent for the deliveryas abou$16,000. the cole refused to accept the male baby e to down syndrome, but they took his ster who had noealth problems. news rorts say the surroga mother is currently takingare of theaby with her own two children in thland. >> translator: why ds he have to be abandoned like this? i love him as if he's one my own. australi prime minister tony bott expressed disapintment over t case. >> it's an incdibly sad story, and guess it illustratesome of the pitfalls volved in this rticular business.
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>> local mia say that many australian couples tvel to thailand to ask for rrogate livery. e present cases led to controversy out the appropriateness ofurrogacy and its regulations. >> rescue crews inepal are searching for survivs of a landsle that buried dozensf homes. theyay at least eight people are dead a many more are missing. gornment officials sayhe landslide crhed a village. heavrain triggered the disaster. ere are nearly 100 pple in the 60 hses in my village an 20 me people in the neighbing village who were buried by the ndslide. i'm afraid many ofhem are ad. >> officials say rks and soil from the landslide he blocked a river th runs down through nehboring india, and they sa a dangerous volumef water is building up.
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they're urging resents of six diricts downstream to ve to saty. nepale troops are trying t release thwater little by lile by blowing througthe rocks,ut they face an uphi battle. experts forecastore rain through sunday. gornment officials in stern india are warning the ople ar the river to fleeo higher ground >> coming uphe three day weather recast for selected cities.
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>> that conclud this editi of "newsline i'm keiko kitawa in tokyo.
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than you fwahing. >> a worldwide hit. the holwood vsion of godzla. this enormous monster goes back 60 years. the first godzilla mov was released in japan in 1954. the cntry just recovered from rld war ii was thrust into fear of destruction once again by this impo


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